Friday, September 4, 2009


This will probably only resonate with my crafty friends, esp. those who knit & crochet, but I think it's beautiful! I esp. liked the line: "Crochet is magically creating something from nothing."

The man seated next to me on the airport bus asked why I had come to Chicago. I told him I was going to a crochet conference. He looked rather perplexed, and then asked, "What is crochet, anyway?"

I said, "It's a method of forming knots with a hook and thread to create a fabric." He stared at me, so I added, "It's making doilies." He smiled and nodded, "Oh yes, my grandmother used to do that." I realized later that I had given him a pretty poor definition. Here's what I should have said:

Crochet is that skimpy little high-fashion dress prancing down the runway at a designer show. It's a warm hat and scarf in bright colors worn on a gray winter day or a soft, cuddly teddy bear clutched in a crying child's arms.

Crochet is a glittery shawl thrown over a shoulder to accent a little black cocktail dress or a sleek little evening purse encrusted with beads. Crochet is a fluffy blanket that welcomes a new baby to the world or a pair of socks with a zingy heel treatment for a teenager to wear with clogs. It's a Christmas stocking, a gift from one generation to another.

Crochet is magically creating something from nothing. It's the love one pair of hands gives to another.

It's probably a good thing I didn't say all this; he would not have understood. But if you are a crocheter, you understand.

Jean Leinhauser (former editor and publisher of Crochet! magazine)
Crochet!, March 2004

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