Friday, March 23, 2007

My Kids R Home!

Ruthanne (Lizzi) & Benjamin got home from Dakar yesterday for Spring Break! They actually left 2 days early b/c our Brazilian co-worker, Alliné de Mota, was returning from a 3-month medical leave. She was to come on Tuesday, so I wrote and asked if she could delay just a couple days, b/c it also saved me making a trip out there and back. They all rode as far as Tamba with Walter, one of the other Brazilian miss'ys who was going to Kédougou, then got a bush taxi to the border, where we picked them up as usual. The only 'glitch' in the whole thing was that the kids were being picked up at 5am and Ben's clock didn't go off! But Walter had forgotten something and had to run home, so they got him up and he was dressed when he got back. It's soooooooo great to have them here!

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